Elevate Your Game


  • What should you look for in a cloud vendor?
  • How must be considered when you migrate to cloud?
  • What are the benefits of cloud services to your business?

Advance the use of Technology

At YellowWood Networks we help small businesses advance the use of technology, to bring up the level of competition in your game and give you the edge you need to perform. Small business technology is often underutilized, and staff are not informed of the current technology available to them. Yet, when the business network is stable, business workflow can flourish through both the introduction of new technology, and proper education.

Challenges for Small Business who don’t stay current:

  • Software is Underutilized
  • Compatibility Issues Arise
  • Support and Warrantees Expire
  • Security Threats Increases
  • Operation Productivity Suffers
  • Missed Opportunity for Improved Service
  • Higher Support Costs

We are winners, and want all small business to succeed. Your business potential rests in your ability to offer flexible work environments, create mobile accessibility to your business, and stay connected to emerging technologies. If your team is going to increase productivity, performance and business profit, you need to start today.


“YellowWood Networks Inc. has been supporting us for the past 4 years. They are not only current on the latest technology but also on best management and business practices. They are a significant part of our team as our IT experts.”

Karen Mysyk – Human Resource Manager
Mcleod Law LLP


Compete at The Highest Level

So, what are we talking about? Well, Cloud Computing of course. To get on the same playing field as your competition you need to enhance the level of usability in the workplace, create a competitive edge, and get the most out of your technology.

Cloud Computing can offer several advantages, and help business reach their goals with less headaches and frustrations, such as:

  • Workplace Flexibility
  • Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device Access
  • Increased Security
  • Integration with Existing Systems
  • Ease Setup and Administration
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Advanced Features

Most of the Cloud technologies today, can interconnect to existing systems making the transition much easier, and includes services you would otherwise have to facilitate on your own. For example, when migrating your email server to a hosted solution, we can connect to your existing server, and move all user accounts seamlessly, while maintaining email communications and provide instant backup along the way.

Focus on the Goal, Keep the End in Mind

The trouble with most Cloud services, is there are too many options. You can find hundreds and thousands of online services, that all do similar things, but this can often be distracting and cause you to lose focus. Knowing which to choose and making sure it can work with existing systems you have, can be overwhelming. This is where YellowWood Networks can help, we provide in-depth knowledge and experience in evaluating Cloud solutions, so we can make sure you are getting the right solutions for your business. On top of our consulting services, we already have great solutions that can meet your needs today.

YellowWood Networks is a trusted technology support company, and it is our job to help small business find confidence in their technology direction. Choosing to work with us for your Cloud Service needs will give you the guidance you need to rise to the top. Check out our cloud services today, and compete at the highest level.