The three principles of Foundation, Workflow, and Strategy are geared to work as a compass for your business by knowing where you are, understanding your direction, and charting a course to get you where you want to go.


Principle Driven

Our primary compass-point principles of Foundation, Workflow, and Strategy help chart a course for your business.

Technology operates best when universal principles are applied. First, start with a solid foundation; then consider how to work better, smarter, faster; finally, always have a plan in place to keep moving forward. These three truths with which—when applied to business and technology—we find success.

Steven Covey called these Private Victory, Public Victory, and Renewal. We call these similar principles Foundation, Workflow, and Strategy. Each one following the other, continually quantifying, orchestrating, and innovating technology and best business practices. The principles help, both in business and in life, to create balance and fulfillment. We continue to follow then, and it truly has made all the difference.


Protect your Business with a look at the critical aspects of your business technology to make sure it is secure, stable, and can grow.

The principle of Foundation suggests the critical need to establish essential building blocks in business and in life before focusing on anything else. The foundation of good technology is to ensure data and intellectual property are secure, and key components such as network, internet, personal computers, and servers are functioning and configured properly.



Improve your workflow with a look at how your technology is being used to improve operations and communications, and maximize utilization.

Workflow delves into how business gets done, and how these processes can be improved. Technology has a direct impact on business procedures, and we strive to find the perfect technology workflow that helps businesses reach their goals. We look at the flow of information and how to keep it unrestrained so businesses can work more efficiently. We also look to the individual technology user and ask: what is keeping you from reaching your greatest potential; what successes are being prevented because of bad habits, or insufficient tools and resources which—with even slight modification—could make you more effective?


Plan to succeed with us! We can bridge the gaps between your business goals and the technology you use, while helping the bottom line.

Strategy is natural evolution of both Foundation and Workflow. Strategy is the idea of continual improvement: because technology and business conditions constantly change so must we. We need to have a plan and set goals that drive us to stay ahead, and develop purpose and cause for everything we do.