A team can be defined as a group of people with a common purpose.

Our common purpose is to deliver on our mission of providing trust and choice to our clients, and to each other.


Proven Solutions and Trusted Advice

Trust and Choice are the two overarching principles our team operates under.  After all, each of our clients entrusts us with an important part of their livelihood so it is imperative that we are worthy of that trust.  From our extensive experience with technology we believe that it is our duty to provide a choice of solutions that can help our clients reach their goals, rather than one-size-fits-most “technology solutions.” We know we have the relationship we strive for when our clients say, “I trust you, you decide!”


Jim Collins said it best in his book Good to Great, “…to build a successful organisation and team you must get the right people on the bus.”


Executive Team

Forged out of the desire to provide trust and choice to small business, and purpose-built to offer a workplace where people care, the company’s co-founders Grant ZoBell and Nathan Lee set YellowWood Networks on the “road less travelled” to provide Trusted Technology Support.

Management Team

Leadership is essential in guiding us to achieve our goals, and our managers are top notch in their respective fields. Leading by example they take on whatever is required of them to motivate, inspire, and direct the work of our team.


Technology Team

At the root of all things we do are the technology solutions and services we deliver to our customers day in and day out. We are up to the challenge with a great team of Network Administrators, Technicians, and Specialists who are devoted to providing exceptional customer service.