Service and Support

Get instant access to great service and support from our qualified trained support desk.

Contact Support

During regular business hours (8am-5pm M-F) you can call the HELP DESK at 1-844-387-0607 ext. 0, Email, or send a request from your computer and a friendly Technician will be there to help. If you have a quick question, try our Online Chat.

After Hours Support Line
To reach a Technician between the hours of 6pm-8am, call 1-844-387-0607 and dial ext. 9.

How to guide to contact support from my computer

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Customer Care Portal

The Customer Care Portal is your hub for all the activity with your business. It is a place where you can find information about your support activities, policies and procedures, and helpful technology tips and tricks.

The portal contains,

  • Asset inventory,
  • Project scopes,
  • Statements of accounts,
  • Knowledge-base and
  • Support tickets.

If you need access to your Customer Care Portal, please speak with your Account Manager.

How to guide to the Customer Care Portal

Log A Support Ticket

The easiest way to send in a support ticket is via email (, but for those times when you forget the address, or are not at your computer submitting an online ticket is the next best thing. Once the online form is submitted, your request will still get into our ticketing system and be tracked and monitored.